Costa Cruises partners with Le Cesarine for new culinary experiences

Costa Cruises partners with Le Cesarine for new culinary experiences
Home cooks will teach guests about traditional dishes, showcasing recipes passed down through the generations (Image: Le Cesarine)

Italy-based Costa Cruises has partnered with Le Cesarine, an Italian network of home cooks, to provide its guests with more personal, intimate and cultural culinary experiences. Passengers calling in Rome, Italy before the end of summer 2020 will be able to book ad hoc excursions to taste local recipes and wines. 

The recent partnership is based on the two companies’ shared values, such as the importance of highlighting Italy’s national culinary heritage and a commitment to offering guests ‘like a local’ experiences. 

“Costa Cruises has always been synonymous with good food, especially good traditional Italian food,” said Mario Alovisi, vice president of revenue management, itinerary and transportation for Costa Cruises. “Our food experience is always original, creative and connected to many regional Italian specialties, as evidenced by our partnerships with some of the best Italian companies in the sector. We are excited to announce the new partnership with Le Cesarine – it is a great chance to further expand our offer, and we hope in the future to be able to extend this partnership to other Italian ports as well.”

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Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts
30 August 2019

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