Chelsom supplies lighting for Scylla’s Anna Katharina

Chelsom supplies lighting for Scylla’s Anna Katharina
The concentric circles of the ‘Solar’ wall light evoke the ripples in a pond (Image: Chelsom)

Lighting design company Chelsom has designed lighting for Scylla’s Anna Katharina, in collaboration with the river cruise line’s in-house design team.

Chelsom has created the lighting scheme for the public areas and cabins onboard the vessel using a selection of fittings from its latest collection, Edition 26.

Public area lighting includes the ‘Solar’ wall light for corridors and ‘Waist’ floor and table lamps in the main restaurant and bar. Cabin lighting, meanwhile, includes the ‘Reflector’ wall light and ‘LED Dock’ wall light for the bedside in a contemporary design.

Anna Katharina is one of Scylla’s newest river cruise ships, having launched in June 2019. At 135 metres long, she has capacity for 182 passengers and sails itineraries along the Main, Rhine and Moselle rivers.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
28 November 2019

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