Beadlight is revolutionising the work of reading lights

Gina Amies explains how LED lights help create the perfect ambience, and reduce energy use and costs

Beadlight is revolutionising the work of reading lights
Beadlight can produce custom lights for cruise operators to match the room’s interiors

By Gina Amies |

This article was first published in the 2019 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

LED technology is revolutionising how we view lighting. Take the reading light as an example. In the past, its sole purpose was to produce enough light for people to read by. Now, the cruise operators must consider several additional factors when choosing reading lights for their ships.  

When it comes to reading lights in cruise ship cabins, guests expect the correct level of luminance and the ideal colour temperature, while designers and fitters want them to be low energy, compact, low maintenance and customisable so they fit seamlessly within the overall design of the space. Beadlight, which has been at the forefront of the LED market since it supplied the first LED reading light on a commercial airplane in 1997, has helped many cruise brands to meet these needs. 

Traditionally, cruise liners could only opt for either warm or cool reading lights, but today Beadlight offers a full spectrum of colours to help them create the required atmosphere. The improvement in Colour Rendering Index values of LEDs means that cruise operators no longer have to use a cool 5,000 Kelvin (K) to produce an attractive reading light. In fact, Beadlight’s most requested colour temperature is around 4,000K. Plus, Beadlight has a patented glare-free diffusion system, which spreads the light evenly across the page. 

Reading and feature lights can also be used to accessorise beds and seating areas, but it’s important to ensure they complement the room design. All of Beadlight’s lighting solutions are made with high-quality components and can be combined with custom finish, leathers and threads options to ensure they fit seamlessly into the overall interior design. Beadlight’s in-house design team can also produce custom lights. 

LEDs are already helping passenger ship operators to achieve vast savings in power consumption and maintenance time, but there’s more innovation to come. Beadlight is constantly pushing the boundaries to develop new premium LED lighting and technologies that will transform ship interiors. 

Gina Amies is managing director of Beadlight

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