Breaking the interior design mould on cruise ships

Tillberg Design of Sweden has taken charge of both interior and exterior design for the first time
Breaking the interior design mould on cruise ships

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This article was first published in the 2019 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

Over the past few years, the way we work has fundamentally evolved. In the past, most of our projects would involve us designing the interior of a ship at a rather late stage of the project. Another firm, usually the shipyard, would handle the exterior and the end result was often compromised, both functionally and aesthetically.

We wanted a more effective and powerful approach. That’s why we’ve taken our business to the next level and invested in a wider span of competence to enable us to design an entire ship from scratch.

The new Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will embody this approach. We’ve fully designed the three 26,500gt, 298-passenger yachts, the first of which will enter service in early 2020. These ships have truly stretched our imagination and have a much stronger brand identity as a result. We’ve created flexible designs that are transparent and powerful, delivering ships that work for passengers and back of house alike and, as a result, build a stronger business for the customer.

These designs have attracted a lot of attention. In fact, we’ve been blown away by the amount of interest we’ve received as a result. It’s inspired a lot of people who want to see what we can do at the very top end of ship design.

We’re being pushed to our creative limits, and this is how an agency like ours truly thrives. The months to come will see us take on a number of top secret, very exclusive projects, while continuing to work with our very close customers, which also include Crystal Cruises – whose beautiful expedition ships are the ultimate in opulent luxury – and Hurtigruten – which brings together socialising with hardcore exploration.

We get immense joy from working with such a diverse set of clients and really getting to know them. By providing a tailor-made service, we not only delight some of the biggest brands in the industry, but their customers too. It makes all of our hard work worthwhile.

Fredrik Johansson is a partner at Tillberg Design of Sweden

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