Adriatic tourism triples and approaches pre-Covid levels

Adriatic tourism triples and approaches pre-Covid levels


The Adriatic Sea Forum will focus on the rise of maritime tourism in the area

An estimated 3.3 million cruise passengers will visit the Adriatic by the end of 2022 on 2,936 cruise calls, according to the latest Adriatic Sea Tourism Report. The report says tourism in the area has increased by 232 per cent in comparison to 2021 and is beginning to return to pre-Covid numbers.

Croatia will have the highest numbers of cruise ship calls at the end of the year, at 995, whilst Italy is leading in the general nautical sector with 189 active marine facilities.

This data was revealed in advance of the Adriatic Sea Forum, which will be held on 6-7 October 2022 in Bari, Italy.

Event organisers Risposte Turismo have revealed the programme, which will focus on the cruise, ferry, sail and yacht industries and comprise discussions, speeches and presentations with more than 50 international speakers that represent the Adriatic maritime-tourism supply chain. Topics will include tourist profiling, ferry potentials, challenges for local operators and prospects for LNG and electric power supply in the area.

“Over the two days of the forum, we’ll tackle a number of issues and questions to operators and the representatives of governing bodies, in order to understand what the future trajectories of development may be for these sectors in the Adriatic,” said Francesco di Cesare, president of Risposte Turismo. “We shall consider intentions, projects, programmes and needs that should emerge in the near future, characterising the dynamics and enabling achievement of new and increasingly ambitious results.”

The forum will open with an introductory speech by Ugo Patroni Griffi, president of the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority. Then, Francesco di Cesare, president of Risposte Turismo, will present the main results of the new edition of Adriatic Sea Tourism Report, which will analyse the flows, size, nature and directions of tourism movements by sea in the Adriatic.

“Despite the uncertainties weighing on the international context, tourism has shown clear signs of recovery this year,” said di Cesare. “Maritime tourism, with its components, stands out for its dynamism. In recent months, our research work has documented marked acceleration on the investment front. The nautical, ferry and cruise supply-side, on the ports and marinas front, and on that of shipping companies, is gradually raising the level of quality, with much attention paid also to environmental protection.”

Organisations present at the event will include MedCruise, MSC Cruises, ECOLAB, Costa Group and Silversea Cruises.

The forum will also provide an opportunity to learn about the Framesport, Susport and Techera European, which are interregional cooperation projects that are currently active in the Adriatic area.

“We will work toward profiling upcoming trends, with the aim of adjusting the supply-side to an increasingly demanding and complex marketplace,” said Ugo Patroni Griffi, president of the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority. “The sector is more aware than ever that it must urgently commit to augmenting efforts to reduce its footprint. It must aim for greater environmental, economic and social sustainability.”

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Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers
29 September 2022

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