Adriatic Sea Forum to reflect on maritime tourism in the Adriatic

6-7 October 2022; Bari, Italy

Adriatic Sea Forum to reflect on maritime tourism in the Adriatic

Adriatic Sea Forum

The forum will host more than 30 speakers to address themes of traffic, itineraries, maritime tourism and more

The fifth edition of the Adriatic Sea Forum, hosted by research and consulting company Risposte Turismo and in partnership with the South Adriatic Port Authority System and Pugliapromozione Tourism Board, will be held at the Port of Bari in Italy, on 6-7 October 2022.

The event invites entrepreneurs, managers, public administration workers, researchers and European project experts to explore a variety of topics that reflect the cruise, ferry, sail and yacht activity in the Adriatic Sea.

More than 30 international speakers will address the themes of traffic, itineraries, routes, maritime tourism, the promotion of sustainable maritime actions and the economic and occupational impact of maritime tourism.

The event will also provide a preview presentation of the new edition of the Adriatic Sea Tourism Report, which was researched by Risposte Turismo to analyse the growth of maritime tourism in the Adriatic.

“We are particularly satisfied to have found – thanks to the local partners of this edition – the conditions for the return of the Adriatic Sea Forum,” said Francesco di Cesare, president of Risposte Turismo. “Since the first edition, held in Trieste in 2013, it appeared clear that it was important, if not indispensable, to devote attention and effort to the development of maritime tourism in the Adriatic, a distinctive area with a rich variety of landscapes and cultures, which we believe has a long way to go to reach the results it deserves with regard to incoming tourist flows and economic development. In Bari, we’ll be attempting to tackle some of the points that in particular appear to be slowing down that development.

“In Bari, we’ll be presenting the final numbers for 2021, forecasts on the totals for 2022 and a few estimates for the near future, so as to support our reflections and possible plans with figures.”

Seven nations have a coast on the Adriatic, including 25 regions and over 150 tourist destinations.

“During the event, we’ll be presenting our six ports (Bari, Brindisi, Barletta, Monopoli, Manfredonia and Termoli) as a single futuristic, multimodal hub equipped with infrastructure, the projects currently under way and those we will be implementing in the immediate future, with the aim of attracting and increasingly capturing the interest of cruise companies, which we are especially keen to draw into our minor ports,” said Ugo Patroni Griffi, president of the Southern Adriatic Port Authority System.

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Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers
14 July 2022