Scandlines chooses APATEQ system to clean scrub water from ferries

MarinePaq system is installed at the harbour in Gedser, Denmark
Scandlines chooses APATEQ system to clean scrub water from ferries

By Rebecca Gibson |

Scandlines is now using APATEQ’s MarinePaq treatment system to clean water that is emitted from the closed-loop exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) onboard its new hybrid ferries on the Rostock-Gedser route.

Berlin and Copenhagen, which operate on the Rostock-Gedser route between Germany and Denmark, both have scrubbers to strip their exhaust gas of harmful emissions. When the onboard scrubbers are no longer able to absorb waste products, the scrub water is pumped into the MarinePaq system, which has been installed in two containers at the harbour in Gedser, Denmark. The system produces an effluent that can be discharged into Gedser’s harbour in compliance with strict environmental legislation.

In addition, MarinePaq is able to reduce heavy metals, nitrites, sulphites and nitrates to much lower levels than any onboard scrub water treatment systems. This will help Scandlines to remain compliant as environmental regulations evolve.

By operating the MarinePaq system from the shore, Scandlines is able to eliminate the expensive water disposal costs associated with hauling the scrub water to the nearest industrial wastewater treatment facility. Plus, the company is no longer dependent on the availability of external water disposal providers, which will save time.

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