Valletta Cruise Port welcomes MedCruise to Malta

Valletta Cruise Port welcomes MedCruise to Malta
Stephen Xuereb welcomes MedCruise delegates and invited guests to Valletta in Malta

Valletta Cruise Port welcomed ports, destination authorities, cruise line executives and international media representatives to Malta for the 52nd MedCruise General Assembly on 23 May.

Delegates were welcomed at a reception at the port, which was a founding member of MedCruise, by Stephen Xuereb, CEO of Valletta Cruise Port and COO of Global Ports Holdings; Emre Sayin, CEO of Global Ports Holding; Airam Díaz Pastor, MedCruise president; and Carlo Micallef, deputy CEO and chief marketing officer of Malta Tourism Authority.

“Valletta Cruise Port is proud to be hosting the event,” said Xuereb. “As a founding member of MedCruise, it gives us great pleasure to have witnessed the growth of the association since its inception. During this time, the cruise industry in Malta has continued to flourish, reaching a record of more than 770,000 passenger movements in 2017. We are happy to welcome our esteemed guests and showcase our islands first-hand over the next days.”

Between 23 and 26 May, the port will host a series of business-to-business meeting, interactive workshops, discussions, plenary sessions and social events for 13 cruise executives and more than 140 MedCruise members and associates. Delegates will discuss the latest developments in the overall cruise sector, as well as the challenges and opportunities for cruising in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas.

“We’re honoured that Valletta Cruise Port, a founding MedCruise member in 1996, is hosting our 52nde General Assembly,” said Pastor. “It is a privilege for us to be at the European Capital of Culture in 2018. Our prestigious MedCruise association, as a key stakeholder of the industry, is committed with the new opportunities and challenges that we are facing nowadays and looking forward to contribution during the ‘Golden Age’ of our industry.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Thursday, May 24, 2018