Tunisian ferry operator implements Hogia BOOKIT system

Tunisian ferry operator implements Hogia BOOKIT system
Hogia's system will make it easier for passengers to book tickets for CTN's ferries (Image: CTN)

Hogia Ferry Systems is to implement is BOOKIT ticket reservation system for Tunisian ferry line Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation (CTN).

CTN will use the system to streamline all ticketing processes for its cruise-style passenger and vehicle ferry services, which operate between Tunis and the Italian city of Genoa, and Tunis and Marseille, France. The tool will also help CTN to expand its business in future.

“In our evaluation, it was important to contract a reliable and understanding business partner to give us the necessary tools to help us drive our business forward,” said Kamel Hamdi, director of Passenger Travel at CTN. “We were impressed by the BOOKIT software and we look forward to working with Hogia.”

Hogia has provided its BOOKIT system to Algeria-based operator Algerie Ferries since 2007 and will use its experience of working in the region to benefit CTN.

“Expanding with CTN in Tunisia is very exciting and we are really honoured,” said Niclas Blomstrom, managing director at Hogia Ferry Systems. “Our product will make a difference, and we will go the extra mile to set the scene for a long term and prosperous cooperation.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Tuesday, November 20, 2018