EPE celebrates 40th anniversary in Greece

EPE celebrates 40th anniversary in Greece
Environmental Protection Engineering celebrated its 40th anniversary (Credit: Environmental Protection Engineering)

Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE), Greece’s largest marine environmental protection services and equipment provider, has celebrated its 40th anniversary at an event in Athens, Greece.

The Polychronopoulos family, their associates and more than 800 representatives of the Greek and global shipping and industry sectors celebrated this milestone at an event held on 5 December.

The event was organised by EPE, Erma First and Polyeco and a presentation was given which covered the companies’ plans to invest in the production of alternative fuels.

Particular reference was made to the successful course of Polyeco abroad despite the preconceptions of foreign companies coming from the economic situation in Greece.

A special mention was made of Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative, an initiative that aims to educate future generations in the area of hazardous waste through modern art.

The investment strategy of Erma First was also highlighted. The company’s intends to invest in the creation of a global network of technical support stations and working on global standards and role models. Through this global network, every ship equipped with Erma First products can receive support whenever they need it.

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Elizabeth Robinson
By Elizabeth Robinson
Friday, December 8, 2017