ABB opens new R&D centre for developing marine technology

ABB opens new R&D centre for developing marine technology

Power and automation group ABB has opened a R&D laboratory to develop new marine technology and showcase products to customers in Helsinki, Finland.

Situated next to ABB’s Azipod factory, the laboratory will be used by 30 ABB marine engineers. The team will focus on improving automation, remote control systems, propulsion, integrated operations and waste heat recovery systems. In the future , the centre may be used as a simulator.

“R&D is as important as ever for the shipping industry,” said Heikki Soljama, managing director of ABB’s Marine and Ports business unit. “The challenges facing the whole sector are well documented and now is the time for innovation and new solutions, so this lab will help us achieve that goal. Ultimately, though, we will be responding to the needs of the industry and the desire for cost efficiency, reliability and safety will always be key.”

The laboratory will operate according to ABB’s Integrated Operations concept which joins up shore-based and onboard operations. This is part of ABB’s commitment to the internet of things, services and people.

“Digitalisation allows owners to monitor remotely entire fleets using cloud services,” said Mikko Lepistö, vice president of Software and Automation Operations at ABB. “When data collected by automation systems is utilised in the most optimal way, we can save both costs and environment. The internet of things, services and people opens new possibilities for the marine industry and especially for the development of the service business.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Wednesday, October 28, 2015