Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2023

88 DESIGN PERSPECTIVE Photo: Costa Cruises Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding is involved right from the very start of a shipbuilding project for any one of Carnival Corporation’s nine brands, all the way from the initial idea for the vessel up until the day it is delivered and beyond. This means we work closely with the brands, the shipyards and the contractors, coordinating between them to develop and construct the vessel. The company has five main departments: technical, contract management, sourcing, services and site. In the outfitting department (within the technical department), we’re accountable for the design development of the passenger and crew areas, corridors, public areas, open deck, outdoor venues, bars, galley and pantry. We participate in the design and development of all the layouts and ensure that they meet all the functional and design objectives established at the outset of the project, as well as the overall brand strategy. Before a project begins, the brands have to explore all the different possibilities for a ship and its design based on the current market conditions, which can change depending on location, time and world events. For example, before Covid, China was a very attractive potential market, so designing ships for China was a significant consideration. Now, China is the only market that hasn’t fully restarted cruising after Covid, while the USA is doing very well, with Europe following close behind. That means there’s a very different situation to consider when defining the needs for a ship. The whole process of building a ship is clearly defined by internal procedures Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding coordinates closely with Carnival Corporation’s nine brands to design innovative vessels that meet the unique needs of their different target markets By Andrea Bartoli, Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding Building an identity The Italian style of interiors onboard Costa Cruises’ ships helps the brand to maintain its distinct identity