YSA Design uses new modelling software for cruise ship design

Revit data-based tools and building information modelling have been used for initial ship design

YSA Design uses new modelling software for cruise ship design

YSA Design

YSA Design is using the new modelling tools during the initial ship design process

By Alex Smith |

Design Firm YSA Design has made use of Revit data-based tools and building information modelling for the first time in the initial stages of cruise ship design. 

The firm made use of the tool for the first time in a project as lead architect to aid communication with the owner and shipyard, and to take account of suppliers, origin and recyclability in surface material selection. 

“The combination of Revit’s data-based capability and 3D building information modelling software allows designers to model spaces more effectively for compliance on accessibility and to increase control over the materials used,” says Trond Sigurdsen, chairman of YSA Design. “Creativity in design is our calling card but these analytics enhance efficiency at the earliest stage of design, benefiting inclusiveness, hotel management and accountability on the carbon footprint of materials selected.” 

YSA Design is also developing population flow simulations, guest-centric energy optimisation and off-peak power harvesting analyses to make more efficient use of service engineering resources.   

“Basing flow studies on simulations is less costly and risk-free,” said Sigurdsen. “Ship designers have become familiar with these tools as a way of making spaces accessible onboard ship and eradicating bottlenecks but exporting files from 3D Revit takes design to another level. It unlocks more effective design and the gains for inclusiveness, logistics and operations can be significant.”

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