World’s first methanol-powered ferry turns five

World’s first methanol-powered ferry turns five
Stena Germanica was the first commercial vessel to be powered by methanol fuel (Image: Stena Line)

Stena Line, Wärtsilä and the Methanex Corporation have marked the five-year anniversary of the launch of the world’s first methanol-fuelled ferry, Stena Germanica.

Stena Germanica was converted to run on methanol fuel in early 2015 at Remontowa Shipyard in Poland. The 240-metre long ferry was fitted with a Wärtsilä 4-stroke engine that can run on methanol or traditional marine fuels. The vessel began the first methanol-powered sailings between Gothenburg, Sweden and Kiel, Germany in March 2015.

“Being the owner of the world’s first ship with methanol-fuel represented a great step on our journey to become the leader in sustainable shipping, and is an achievement we are very pleased to share as we mark the five-year anniversary of Stena Germanica’s successful operation on methanol,” said Carl-Johan Hagman, head of shipping and ferries at Stena

The conversion of Stena Germanica was a cooperation between the Methanex Corporation, Stena Line, Wärtsilä, the port of Gothenburg and the Port of Kiel. The project was co-financed by the European Union and the classification was conducted by Lloyd’s Register.

“Stena Germanica’s retrofit is yet another example of Wärtsilä’s leading position in bringing to the market innovative systems that increase efficiency and support environmental sustainability,” said Toni Stojcevski, general manager of sales and development at Wärtsilä Marine.

The International Maritime Organization introduced its restrictions on sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions on 1 January 2020. Methanol fuel reduces sulphur oxides by approximately 99 per cent, potentially offering an alternative to traditional marine fuels to meet the new regulations.

“Our aim has always been to take a leadership position by being at the forefront of innovation in commercial shipping,” said Stuart McCall, director of business development at Methanex. “Our aim has always been to take a leadership position by being at the forefront of innovation in commercial shipping.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
15 April 2020

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