V.Ships Leisure to supply crew for Mystic Cruises’ World Explorer

V.Ships Leisure to supply crew for Mystic Cruises’ World Explorer
Mystic Cruises’ World Explorer will be crewed by V.Ships Leisure when it enters service in 2019 (Image: V.Group)

V.Group subsidiary V.Ships Leisure will supply the deck, engine and hotel crew for Mystic Cruises’ first newly built expedition ship, World Explorer. Mystic will operate the vessel itself and charter her out to other operators, including Nicko Cruises and Quark Expeditions. 

World Explorer is currently under construction at the West Sea shipyard, Portugal and is expected to be delivered in the first half of 2019. She is the first of 10 planned expedition vessels and will feature hybrid power management technology. 

“We decided to partner with V.Ships Leisure due to its proven track record in the cruise market,” said Mário Ferreira, CEO of Mystic Cruises. “We are also confident in the team’s capability to meet our various and demanding crew management needs and to provide us with relevant access to a world-leading independent crew network and world-class systems.”

V.Group aims to attract the best members through its Project Embark programme and network of recruitment centres. 

“We are delighted to partner with Mystic Cruises and look forward to leveraging our unique experience and expertise with start-ups and expedition vessels to support the company as it welcomes its first ocean-going newbuild,” said Per Bjornsen, director of V.Ships Leisure. 

To meet the increased demand for crew with training in line with Polar Code requirements, V.Group will use an interactive e-learning platform created by training supplier Marlins to increase the number of qualified individuals. 

“The award of the Mystic Cruises contract demonstrates how V.Group’s scale and flexibility allow us to compete and win across any region or sector,” said Bjornsen. “While we have the capacity and global crew network reach to cater to the major cruise groups, independent operators and start-ups can leverage the same scale and systems to compete with these large groups.”

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Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts
19 March 2019

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