Two Grimaldi Group ferries to operate emission-free in ports

Two Grimaldi Group ferries to operate emission-free in ports
Cruise Barcelona and Cruise Roma can operate emission-free in ports for up to four hours (Image: Grimaldi Group)

Corvus Energy has installed new battery-powered energy storage systems (ESS) on two of Grimaldi Group’s ro-pax cruise ferries to enable them to operate emission-free in ports.

Cruise Barcelona and Cruise Roma were both fitted with 5.5-megawatt-hour ESS, which will enable them to switch off their diesel engines and and operate solely on battery power for up to four hours during port stays.

“The Corvus energy storage system is an important component in our vision for sustainable shipping,” said Andrea D'Ambra from the Energy Saving Technical Department at Grimaldi Euromed, part of Grimaldi Group. “We were impressed not only with Corvus’ battery technology and safety features, but also with the company’s knowledge and competence on mechanical, electrical and power systems for the maritime industry.”

Technical teams from both Grimaldi and Corvus Energy collaborated to complete the projects, starting by sailing onboard Cruise Barcelona to evaluate the optimal electrical and mechanical integration conditions for an ESS. The project was completed on budget and on time.

“An ESS this massive had never before been retrofitted onboard a cruise ferry vessel,” said Roger Rosvold, senior vice president of Sales at Corvus Energy. “It’s clear now that if shipowners are willing to go green, the technology exists. We are extremely proud to be chosen to supply such a ground-breaking installation. The Grimaldi Group is a highly skilled and experienced shipowner. We are impressed with its commitment to reduce emissions from its operating fleet and in-depth knowledge on what can be done.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
05 July 2019

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