Trimline launches AI-powered design concept creator

Trimline launches AI-powered design concept creator


The Concept Box module will produce design render ideas based on client’s initial concepts

Marine interior outfitter Trimline has introduced a new ‘Concept Box’ module within their Trimline App (TAPP) software, which aims to assist clients in the early stages of the concept and design process.

Trimline’s clients can access the tool via their client dashboard in TAPP, where they will be able to categorise their concept by ship and area. Clients can specify their design concept ideas to the system, which will then produce design render ideas in real time.

"We are thrilled to introduce the ‘Concept Box’ module to our clients,” says Nick Farrell, co-owner of Trimline. “This innovative addition to TAPP empowers our clients to actively participate in the initial design process, helping them articulate their vision with ease. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aim to enhance communication between our clients and interior designers.”

Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
02 June 2023