The secret weapon lying beneath flooring on passenger ships

F. Ball’s subfloor preparation products and adhesives keep carpets and floors in excellent condition

The secret weapon lying beneath flooring on passenger ships
Cunard used F. Ball's products to keep Queen Mary 2's carpets looking their best and feeling soft underfoot

By Rebecca Gibson |

Durable, solid underfoot and aesthetically appealing – these are three of the main prerequisites that many operators have when choosing carpets and flooring for their cruise ships. However, some do not realise that subfloor preparation products and adhesives can help them to optimise the appearance and performance of floor coverings.

Floor levelling compounds ensure the deck subfloor is perfectly smooth and level before a floor covering is installed. Applied as a cementitious, viscous liquid at two to three-millimetres thick, the floor levelling compounds provide a hard finish and ensure the final appearance of the floor is not compromised by indentations and undulations. They are essential for resilient floor coverings, such as luxury vinyl and safety flooring, but they also ensure that carpeted floors look their best and feel firm and consistent underfoot.

When choosing a levelling compound, shipowners must consider the location, intended use and type of subfloor. For example, a steel or plywood subfloor will require a flexible levelling compound that can absorb small movements in the subfloor without cracking or breaking apart.

Shipowners must also carefully select the right adhesive for their floor coverings. They should take into account the floor covering material and the environmental conditions it is likely to encounter, including temperature fluctuations and moisture or water, particularly if it will be installed on an open deck. It is essential that the floor covering remains fixed securely in place and that the adhesive is compatible with the floor covering material.

This is where UK-based manufacturer F. Ball and Co. can help. The company produces a vast range of marine-certified adhesives and subfloor preparation products for use onboard cruise ships. F. Ball also has a Recommended Adhesives Guide that offers adhesive recommendations for 6,000 floor coverings from over 200 international manufacturers, including options for every marine flooring type.

This article was first published in the 2020 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

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