Tersan Shipyard to build two ships for Havila Kystruten

Tersan Shipyard to build two ships for Havila Kystruten
Havila’s passenger vessels will be able to sail emission-free for up to four hours using battery power (Image: Tersan Shipyard)

Tersan Shipyard has signed two new contracts to construct two passenger vessels for ferry operator Havila Kystruten.

Havila Pollux and Havila Polaris will be built at the shipbuilder’s new facility in Yalova, Turkey, which is also constructing their sister ships Havila Capella and Havila Castor. The ships are part of Havila’s contract with the Norwegian Ministry of Transport for the operation of four vessels on the Bergen to Kirkenes coastal route.

“What we have seen of Tersan so far in terms of its construction of the first two vessels looks very promising,” said Arild Myrvoll, CEO of Havila Kystruten. “They stick to the schedule and their work is high quality.”

The vessels will be powered by a hybrid LNG and battery system, complying with low-emission regulations. The battery packs will allow the ships to sail noise and emission-free for up to four hours.

“We are so honoured to establish such a reliable cooperation with Havila Kystruten and to be chosen as the builder of these vessels,” said Nurettin Paksu, chairman of Tersan. “Havila Kystruten passenger vessels will be a major milestone for Tersan. Thanks to Havila’s trust in Tersan, we will work hard and eagerly to proceed with the construction of the new vessels and to deliver them on time and on budget as we did for the first two vessels.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
17 February 2020

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