Survitec improves buoyancy of lifejackets

Survitec improves buoyancy of lifejackets
Survitec’s new range of lifejackets will increase buoyancy while allowing for more compact storage (Image: Survitec)

Survitec has upgraded the buoyancy of its newest lifejacket range to a minimum of 150 newtons, beyond regulatory requirements.

“Research indicates that the level of buoyancy has a direct correlation with a lifejacket’s self-righting capability,” said Nigel Parks, design manager at Survitec. “Lifejackets with 150 newton buoyancy help ensure the wearer floats in a safer position high above the waves, improving the chances of survival and increasing visibility.”

The enhancements were made possible by increasing the buoyancy at the top of the lifejacket and shaping the foam around the buckle, allowing for easier and more compact stacking and stowing. Ten stowed adult jackets from the new range take up 0.182 cubic metres, compared to the 0.300 cubic metres taken up by 10 of the original ‘Premier’ jackets. The re-engineering of the existing ‘Premier’ range of lifejackets follows the trend in the cruise ship sector to increase onboard lifejacket capacity.

“Cruise ships typically carry substantially more lifejackets onboard than the mandatory requirement,” said Mark Lutman, global technical sales manager for Survitec. “While this additional capacity can take up more space, operators have been looking at ways of improving safety without detriment to lifejacket performance. Based on feedback from leading operators we have been able to increase buoyancy to a minimum 150 newtons without increasing the overall size of the lifejacket.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
29 November 2019

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