Stena reinforces strategy

Ferry line implements measures as part of move to low-cost operation
Stena reinforces strategy

By Rebecca Gibson and Cherie Rowlands |

Stena Line is reinforcing its strategy to become a low-cost ferry operator in a move to retain its competitive position within the industry.

The line is capitalising on its position as one of the largest global ferry operators by developing four key areas of its business including freight, travel and operations, as well as network and fleet operations, and introducing new price models to increase sales.

Stena Line’s strategy principally builds on fully exploiting the advantages of scale and the company will reinforce its expertise within freight sales and cargo operations and increase sales of vehicle and passenger traffic via the internet. The company will also increase sales onboard and in the terminals by offering enough low prices to stimulate travel.

As part of the changes, Stena Line plans to reduce its workforce to approximately 200 shore-based employees, which is designed to decrease its onshore operating costs.

The company is not planning to close any lines and hopes to be expanding again in the future. The new strategies and improved processes are expected to be fully in place by the end of 2013.

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