Stena Line’s newly refurbished ships return to North Sea

Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica now have new restaurant and bar options, refreshed seating and increased passenger capacity

Stena Line’s newly refurbished ships return to North Sea

Stena Line

Sister ferries Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica have been refurbished

By Laura Hyde |

Stena Line’s sister ferries Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica have returned to service on the North Sea following refurbishment.  

Seating areas have been refreshed, new restaurant and bar options introduced, and passenger capacity increased by over 100 seats during the 18-day drydock, which saw a team of 360 people working on the vessels each day. 

On each of the sister ships, which operate on the Harwich to Hook of Holland route, the cinema, meeting room and cafe have been removed to make space for a spacious and modern Social Bar & Cafe. A new Family Hub area has a range of entertainment for all ages, and the ships’ a la carte restaurants have been replaced with a new Stena Plus Lounge, which passengers can access for a surcharge of £25 and includes drinks and snacks. 

The ships’ wi-fi was also upgraded using Starlink satellite technology. 

Stena Line ferry refurbished cafe

Each ship now has a spacious and modern Social Bar & Cafe

In addition to interior refurbishments, the underwater hull of each ship was fully blasted and painted with specialised silicone paint, which lasts for eight years rather than the usual two. The paint, which is free of biocides, prevents organisms such as algae from adhering to the hull, reducing resistance when travelling. It is hoped this will result in an annual fuel saving of approximately 780,000 litres, which amounts to a reduction of about 2,500 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per ship per year. The ships’ propellers were also polished to reduce drag. 

Stena Line ferry refurbished

The underwater hull of each ship has been blasted and painted

“With the modernisation of our two ships, we are investing in our services and aim to provide our passengers with an even better travel experience,” said Erik Thulin, trade director at Stena Line. “The renovation is the result of more than a year’s planning with a particular focus on sustainability to support our ambition to reduce our carbon emissions. As well as refurbishing and reusing our existing furniture, many lights have been replaced by energy saving LED lights and we are now using sustainable disinfectant Electro-Chemical Activation water, instead of chemicals, to clean as many areas as possible. This cleaning product is generated by water, electricity and salt producing a natural disinfectant. We have removed all single-use plastic and cardboard, and the restaurant has switched from a buffet to plate service to minimise food waste.” 

Stena Line refurbished ships unveiled

The Stena Line team at a special event to unveil the ships

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