Stefano Pastrovich designs new X-Expedition ship

Stefano Pastrovich designs new X-Expedition ship
Pastrovich Studio
The X-Expedition design is intended to serve the luxury travel market

Naval architect Stefano Pastrovich has presented his new X-Expedition design for superyachts and cruise ships.

“We’ve designed a new generation of superyachts and small cruise ships for a new generation of luxury-segment explorers,” said Pastrovich. “Right from the first sketch, we based the design on integrating different construction techniques, leveraging the efficient modular approach of the cruise industry while combining it with the high-end techniques typical of superyachts. This enables us to achieve efficient cost management and construction times without sacrificing luxury construction detail.”

The design also features Wärtsila’s hybrid power module, Wärtsila HY. The system helps to improve efficiency by running the engine on optimal load and absorbing many of the load fluctuations through batteries. This allows the engine to operate at closer to its optimum, producing less emissions and reducing the frequency of maintenance.

“The partnership with Wärtsila has focused on integrating the Wärtsila Hybrid system in the ship’s operating system,” said Pastrovich. “But the aim was to go beyond energy savings. The X-Expedition ships have been designed to travel respectfully and discreetly through the most beautiful and delicate environments on earth so that guests have the opportunity to enjoy nature’s symphony of sounds undisturbed.”

The X-Expedition design is for a ship that is 101 metres long with a beam of 19 metres. The design can also come in three different configurations. ‘Optimal’ configuration will accommodate a total of 108 guests, while ‘Deluxe’ allows for 84. Finally, ‘Owner’ configuration will have capacity for only 64 guests. There is intended to be a 1:1 guest to crew ratio in all three configurations.

“For years, there’s been a new market ready and waiting in a new generation who want to combine adventure with exclusivity and privacy,” said Pastrovitch. “This design aims to fill that gap in the market. It’s the culmination of a long conceptual and design process that brings my vision of the voyage as adventure to life.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
28 May 2020

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