Six cruise experts form the Cruise Professional Advisors Alliance

Six cruise experts form the Cruise Professional Advisors Alliance
The six experts who make up the CPAA

Six cruise experts have joined forces to form the Cruise Professional Advisors Alliance (CPAA) to offer specialised advice, resources, industry acumen and other assistance to companies operating in the global cruise industry.

Group members have experience and expertise in every sector of the cruise industry and include: Shannon McKee, founder and CEO of Access Cruise; David Selby, managing director of Travelyields; Mike McFadden, founder and CEO of Mac Maritime; Roger Blum, principal at Cruise & Port Advisors; Ioannis Bras, CEO at Five Senses Consulting; and Peter Wild, owner of GP Wild International.

“I have been fortunate to meet many extraordinary people during my lifetime in the cruise industry, but I am particularly proud to be associated with the highly talented, insightful, ethical and results-oriented members of the CPAA,” said Blum. “My association with this group has already brought added value to all my clients.”

Some of the specialised services offered by CPAA will include cruise destination and port development, port management and representation, cruise statistics, business planning, economic analysis and infrastructural planning, onboard revenue and communication technology, customer surveys, and safety and environmental impact studies.

“With over 180 years of complementary cruise industry experience, the team forming the CPAA offers exceptionally high levels of advice to all serving the cruise industry,” said Wild.

Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
16 July 2020