Silversea partners with Lalique to enhance the dining experience

Silversea partners with Lalique to enhance the dining experience
When she launches in 2020, Silver Moon will feature glasswork from Lalique in La Dame restaurant (Image: Silversea Cruises)

Silversea Cruises has partnered with French luxury glassmaker Lalique to enhance the dining experience onboard Silver Shadow and Silver Moon. Lalique will craft crystal artworks to feature in the ships’ French gourmet restaurant La Dame. 

Lalique was founded in 1888 and is renowned for its jewellery, interior design, perfumes and artworks. As part of its collaboration with Silversea, it will create several handmade crystal panels for the entrance of La Dame. The bespoke panels will incorporate two main motifs which were both imagined by Lalique’s founder René Lalique in 1935: Masque de Femme, a mysterious nymph surrounded by aquatic life; and Coutard, a geometric pattern representing ocean spray and waves. 

“We are proud to collaborate with Silversea, the leading pioneer in ultra-luxury cruising, which, like Lalique, is committed to creating a bespoke experience of the highest quality,” said Silvio Denz, chairman and CEO of Lalique. “Furthermore, this collaboration is in perfect accordance with Lalique’s heritage, as in 1935 René Lalique participated in the interior design of the first-class dining room of the luxury ocean liner Le Normandie. We are thrilled that today Lalique’s iconic designs will be featured aboard Silver Shadow and Silver Moon.”

Silver Shadow will feature the new pieces after she has undergone an extensive renovation in November 2019. During this, La Dame will be remodelled to accommodate up to 40 diners. 

“We are delighted to have collaborated with Lalique, a brand that shares our passion for quality and elegance,” says Manfredi Lefebvre, executive chairman at Silversea Cruises. “This unique collaboration will elevate further still the aesthetic of La Dame, enriching an already extraordinary dining experience for our guests and enhancing the levels of luxury and innovation onboard that have become customary for Silversea Cruises.”

The gourmet French restaurant and its new adornments will be available to the public onboard Silver Moon when she launches in August 2020. Here, La Dame will be situated on deck eight. The ship will also provide guests with an overall enhanced culinary experience with the addition of the line’s S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste) programme. 

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Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts
01 August 2019

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