Silversea installs mooring magnets on Silver Cloud

Silversea installs mooring magnets on Silver Cloud
Each magnet has a holding power of 500 kilograms (Image: Miko Marine)

Silversea has installed high-power permanent magnets from Miko Marine on Silver Cloud to enable crew to deploy excursion boats more quickly and efficiently.

Silver Cloud has two crane-launched inflatable Zodiacs, both of which are now equipped with two Miko MAM-0035 magnets that are housed in stainless-steel casings to prevent seawater corrosion. Each magnet has a holding power of 500 kilograms.

Miko Marine’s magnets have been used to create additional mooring points on Silver Cloud’s hull, which enables Zodiacs and other boats to be held close against the ship before being relocated to the point where passengers must disembark for excursions. This means there is no need to pass lines to the ship and gives Zodiac crews full control of the operation. The magnet is fitted with a break lever that enables it to be immediately released from the hull by the boat’s crew.

“Our magnets are used extensively offshore for a wide range of tasks that may involve things like fastening anti-pollution booms or holding tools and equipment underwater,” said Nicolai Michelsen, chief executive of Miko Marine. “Silversea has shown commendable initiative by becoming the first to recognise the potential that the magnets have as additional flexible mooring points and for improving safety of operation.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Friday, February 15, 2019