Signs of a new era for Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Joy

The co-founders of Bourne Group discuss replacing the ship’s signage before her move to Alaska

Signs of a new era for Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Joy
Norwegian Joy’s Splash Academy features bulkhead graphics produced and installed by Bourne Group

By Richard Humphreys |

This article was first published in the 2019 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

Bourne Group was appointed as the main signage contractor by Norwegian Cruise Line when it refurbished Norwegian Joy in preparation for her being repositioned from Asia to Alaska.

The short timeframe was the project’s main challenge as the complex retrofit needed to be completed in order for Norwegian Joy to match sister vessels, Norwegian Bliss and Encore. “The vessel essentially needed to be delivered as a newbuild,” said Gregg LoGuidice, co-founder of Bourne Group. “Meticulous planning and execution were needed due to the amount of signage that was impacted by language changes.” 

Hence, Bourne Group worked closely with the main outfitter and the various stakeholders at Norwegian to ensure signage was delivered and installed properly.  

In addition, replacing all signage also meant retrofitting the marquee sign that consisted of Chinese characters spelling out the vessel’s name. Proper demolition of the aluminium light box and staging was needed to change out the illuminated lettering. This project was consistent with the now three-year programme Bourne Group has been involved with in the refurbishment of marquee signage and funnel logos across the Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet.

Bourne Group also produced and installed its new line of bulkhead graphics in both the Entourage space and Splash Academy, which were created by SMC Design. This material has become very popular because it complies with the International Maritime Organization’s 2010 FTP Code and it is durable, cost effective and versatile.  

“Norwegian Joy is one of the most demanding projects Bourne Group has ever been asked to be a part of,” said Patrick McNulty, Bourne Group co-founder. “We are incredibly grateful for the trust Norwegian and its refurbishment team has in the Bourne Group and value this partnership greatly.”

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