Sea Spirit to cut fuel consumption with new Rolls-Royce stabilisers

Sea Spirit to cut fuel consumption with new Rolls-Royce stabilisers
Sea Spirit operates itineraries to the Arctic and Antarctica (Image: Poseidon Expeditions)

Rolls-Royce has retrofitted new Zero Speed Stabilisers onboard Poseidon Expedition’s Sea Spirit to improve operational performance, while minimising fuel consumption, onboard vibrations and noise.

Housed in a customised fin box, the new retractable fin stabilisers were installed during Sea Spirit’s dry dock in Portugal earlier this spring to enable the ship to safely navigate the icy Greenland and Barents seas.

The stabilisers have an optimised lower fin angle to reduce drag while Sea Spirit is moving and minimise rolling while she is anchored, moored or drifting. This decreases fuel consumption, enabling Poseidon Expeditions to lower its environmental impact.

In addition, the stabiliser fins have an optimised trailing edge designed to eliminate vibrations and noise, thereby enhancing the onboard experience for guests and crew.

“The new system uses a computer-based programmable logic controller that develops different algorithms depending on conditions,” said Nikolay Zakharov, senior director of Cruise Operations at Poseidon Expeditions. “The result will be a ride for our passengers as comfortable as aboard any new expedition ship currently coming into the market. At the same time, they look to the future with safeguards to protect the polar ecosystems. The stabilisers are fully compatible with environmentally acceptable lubricants and feature quad main seals for additional redundancy.”

Sea Spirit, which has also been re-certified for new International Maritime Organization Polar Code requirements, will operate Arctic itineraries this summer and voyages in Antarctica in autumn and winter.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
13 June 2019

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