Reupholstery is an affordable way to give ships an instant refresh

Rebecca Gibson asks Xaler Systems’ Luis Alfredo Rincón about the cost and environmental benefits of reupholstering furniture

Reupholstery is an affordable way to give ships an instant refresh
Xaler Systems was able to reupholster Royal Princess’s furniture during a one-week cruise

This article was first published in the 2019 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

When Princess Cruises wanted to urgently refurbish furniture onboard Royal Princess, it knew exactly who to call: Xaler Systems, a reupholstery and refurbishment services provider based in Miami, Florida. Just days later, Xaler sent supplies and a team of upholsterers to Los Angeles, California, where they boarded the ship and successfully reupholstered the furniture during a one-week cruise.

Equipped with a mastery of the craft and advanced resources, Xaler Systems can help any passenger ship operator to reupholster furniture on site, on schedule and on budget. Reupholstering furniture is an ideal option for operators on a tight budget – they can keep their existing furniture and room layouts but choose new fabrics to instantly give onboard spaces a vibrant new look for a fraction of the cost. 

“We can go anywhere in the world, which helps cruise operators during ship refits,” says Luis Alfredo Rincón, Xaler’s managing director. “Reupholstering also supports customers’ environmental efforts – we reuse the furniture’s frame, springs and fillings, which cuts waste and means we don’t need further resources.”

Passenger ship operators already recognise the benefits of working with Xaler. 

“One of our customers was so satisfied with the detail and high-level craftsmanship we provided that they called us ‘The Tailors of Furniture’,” remarks Rincon. “This phrase, inspired by our customers’ satisfaction, perfectly describes our commitment to excellence. We’re fortunate to have customers who value our work and understand that reupholstering offers an excellent return on investment and has a huge impact on preserving our planet.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
23 July 2019

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