Rescompany: itinerary planning for the future

The Next Generation system delivers new capabilities in a web-based, cloud-ready package 

Rescompany: itinerary planning for the future

Rescompany Systems Ltd

Rescompany’s next-generation system delivers new capabilities in a web-based, cloud-ready package

By Laura Hyde |

Preparing for the challenges and opportunities yet to come is an important element in achieving long-term success. As the cruise industry looks to move towards the future, Rescompany is helping its customers to get ready by migrating to its new Next Generation (NG) system. Resco NG is a complete overhaul of its product suite to a web-based, cloud-ready product line that provides state-of-the-art functionalities in the most efficient and consumer-friendly way.  

The Resco NG systm also provides seamless integration to Rescompany’s partner MariApps’ Smart PAL, CruisePAL and OnboarD software modules, including its core IssueTrax suite. 

The new development is an intuitive digital solution which uses smart technologies with modern and instinctive interfaces on web-based shore and ship applications. It allows for easy management of software upgrades, with faster turnaround of new features, and swifter installation and project management. The key advantages of the new development include reusability of technical components like single sign-on and frameworks; new and enhanced yield management and packaging functions, artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) extensions; and web-based business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications. 

Two of the most prominent new elements of the system are the ‘Port and Itinerary Management System’ and the ‘Port Agent Portal’, which are web-based applications that enable the cruise line and external contractors to manage itineraries.  

The ‘Port and Itinerary Management System’ was created to reduce costs and fuel consumption by providing the ship management team with optimal route options based on weather routing and any nautical information, such as maximum berth length, quays and terminals. Real-time data is transmitted to the management onboard and ashore and is centrally stored to improve procedures and enable ML and AI-based predictions. 

The ‘Port Agent Portal’ allows agents to communicate with cruise lines to manage service contracts, berth reservations and port information requests, track service/purchase orders and issue invoices. Both the system and portal work together for a real time synchronisation between the cruise lines and the port but are also designed to function as stand-alone systems. Rescompany has also designed the system to take account of the requirements of both ocean and river cruise lines, allowing it to be adjusted for their different needs.   

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