Record number of cruise guests visit the Baltic Sea

Record number of cruise guests visit the Baltic Sea
5,909,784 cruise guests visited the Baltic region last year, an increase of 9.1% from 2018 (Image: Cruise Baltic)

The 2020 edition of the Cruise Baltic Market Review has revealed that a record number of cruise guests visited the region in 2019, along with an increase in the number of calls.

A total of 5,909,784 guests visited Baltic Sea ports last year, an increase of 9.1% from 2018. The shoulder seasons from January to May and September to December saw an increase of 10.5%, while overnight stays grew from 730 in 2018 to 777 in 2019.

“The numbers are very positive, as the increase in shoulder seasons helps to spread out the guests and thereby extend the season,” said Claus Bødker, director of Cruise Baltic. “The increase in overnight stays means that guests can enjoy more time at each destination and, for example, get a chance to spend more money onshore.”

Small ports in the region have experienced the most growth, with a 37.8% increase in visitors. Danish capital Copenhagen remained the busiest cruise port, handling 940,000 guests, 8.2% more than in 2018. Cruise Baltic expects this growth to continue into 2020, predicting that total guest numbers in the region will increase by over 450,000 to 6.4 million.

“Together with our destination partners, we work every day towards offering all cruise guests an unforgettable experience in the Baltic,” said Bødker. “We will keep attracting cruise guests while simultaneously transforming the Baltic Sea into the most sustainable cruise destination in the world.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
10 February 2020

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