Province-Sud issues call for tender notice

Province-Sud issues call for tender notice
Selected company will build a ship and operate transport between Noumea and the Isle of Pines (Image: iStock)

New Caledonia’s Province-Sud is issuing a call for tenders as part of a procedure to award a public service delegation contract to build a ship and operate maritime transport services between Nouemea and the Isle of Pines.

The selected company will sign a public service delegation contract with Province-Sud. In this form of contract, all technical and commercial risks are taken on by the selected company, known as the delegate, who collects the income from the services provided.

The delegate will be responsible for building a ship and providing public maritime transport services. This baseline tender contract will last 15 years. However, while the ship is being built, the Province-Sud may require the delegate to charter an existing vessel to provide public maritime transport services.

For an alternate tender – a contract lasting five years – bidders may also propose a charter of their own vessel for the duration of the contract.

In both the baseline and alternate tenders, the delegate must provide a vessel that complies with the technical conditions set out in the tender documents. The criteria for the public maritime transport services are also described in the tender documents.

During the public-service-delegation-contract award process, Province-Sud may invite bidders to negotiate the clauses of the contract. Southern Province reserves the right to decide not to award the contract or to award it only in part.

The list of the specific rules for this public call (RPAPC) may be requested by email from the Province-Sud Infrastructure Department at the following address:

The RPAPC is also available free of charge to bidders via the website. Bidders must register before they can download the documents so that receive any future changes to the RPAPC.

Tender submissions must be sent by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt or delivered by hand (a receipt will be issued) to the Province-Sud Infrastructure Department, Administration and Finance Division’s Contracts and Quality Unit, at 1 rue Unger -Vallée du Tir, Noumea before 3.30 pm on 25 February 2019.

Bidders may also submit their tender documents electronically via New Caledonia’s e-bid system before the date and time given above, by connecting to the buyer profile.

Bidders should also note that they must fully comply with the clauses of the RPAPC.

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Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys
Tuesday, January 22, 2019