Port Tampa Bay collaborates with Liberty Defense

Port Tampa Bay collaborates with Liberty Defense
Hexwave can detect weapons through clothing and in baggage (Image: Liberty Defense)

Port Tampa Bay is to collaborate with security company Liberty Defense to beta test a new concealed weapon detection system, Hexwave.

Hexwave uses low-power radar imaging and artificial intelligence to detect and identify weapons through clothing and in hand baggage as people pass through its sensors. The system may be used indoors and outdoors and can be installed at the perimeter of a building to detect threats before the person enters.

The beta testing phase will allow Hexwave to be tested in several live environments, including Port Tampa Bay. It is currently undergoing Alpha testing at Liberty’s laboratory in Atlanta, US.

“Port Tampa Bay will be an excellent partner on this project. The port will be able to provide Liberty with new learning opportunities by opening up access to the unique aspects of security for cruise lines, which have frequent vacationers traveling in and out of Florida,” said Bill Riker, CEO of Liberty Defense. “The port environment will bring its own set of challenges from an operational perspective. Ultimately, the data’s integration into our product development efforts will be invaluable.”

Port Tampa Bay is Florida’s largest port, surpassing one million passengers for the first time in 2018.

“Having recently celebrated over one million cruise ship passengers in one fiscal year for the first time in our history, it’s imperative that we continue to seek opportunities to evaluate technologies like those developed by Liberty Defense,” said Paul Anderson, president and CEO of Port Tampa Bay. “The potential of Hexwave’s high throughput is very appealing to us because it provides a new way to strengthen our security posture and ensure the safety of all passengers without slowing down the flow of visitor traffic. We are looking forward to working with Liberty Defense to test this new technology that will help us to stay ahead of potential threats.”

Beta testing is expected to begin later in 2019 and progress into 2020.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
28 October 2019

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