Port Authority of Valencia begins new passenger terminal project

Port Authority of Valencia begins new passenger terminal project

Port Authority of Valencia

The new infrastructure is intended to serve cruise and ferry traffic

The Port Authority of Valencia has started the awarding procedure for the construction of a new passenger terminal on the site of a former shipyard.

The project will have a budget of €900,000 ($1.05 million) and include the demolition of some of the buildings on the site and the ramp of the north slipway, as well as the dismantling of all equipment and installations. Reusable materials, such as tiles or metal parts, will be put up for sale, with an estimated value of over €400,000 ($468,000).

The passenger terminal will occupy an area of approximately 100,000 square metres. It has been designed to maintain and incorporate the water tank, the shipbuilding slipway, two cranes and sub-ship A of Building III from the old shipyard, which have been identified by the Demetrio Ribes Chair of Industrial Archaeology of the University of Valencia as being of historical and artistic value.

The new infrastructure is intended to serve cruise traffic and regular ferry routes to the Balearic Islands and Algeria. The bid for the concession submitted by the shipping company Baleària guarantees that all of the electrical energy necessary for the operation of the terminal, including onshore power supply for docked ships, will be produced in the facilities themselves, and will be of renewable origin. All of the waste generated by the terminal will be recycled in a biomethane plant, where it will be treated to create biogas.

Other new features of the project include the planned development of an Innovation and Eco-efficiency Centre and a space for cultural activities. The project also proposes a training centre of the Baleària Business School with courses in different areas of the maritime sector, aimed especially at the Nazareth neighbourhood of the city.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
19 August 2021

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