NYC Ferry receives new catamaran ferries

NYC Ferry receives new catamaran ferries
Incat Crowther
The two new ferries are equipped with low-emission engines from Baudouin (Image: Incat Crowther)

NYC Ferry has taken delivery of two new low-emission catamaran ferries, H401 and Curiosity.

The ferries were designed by Incat Crowther in collaboration with Hornblower Cruises, which operates the NYC Ferry service. The 29-metre-long vessels provide seating for 354 passengers, as well as bicycle storage, mobile device charging stations and an onboard convenience store.

They are also equipped with main engines from Baudouin which are compliant with the American Environmental Protection Agency’s tier four standard, which requires that emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides be reduced by 90 per cent. Incat Crowther integrated a selective catalytic reduction system supplied by Baudouin into the design of the vessel in order to achieve the necessary reductions.

The use of Incat Crowther’s Digital Ship design package allowed the two identical ships to be constructed at two different shipyards: Halimar Shipyard in Morgan City, USA, and Breaux Brothers Enterprises in Loreauville, USA.

While the Covid-19 outbreak has caused a reduction in service, the high passenger demand that NYC Ferry has experienced since 2017 is expected to return after social distancing restrictions are lifted. The new ferries will join the 31 already in operation, with an additional five still under construction.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
20 April 2020

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