New Innovation Lounge to showcase cruise interior products

New Innovation Lounge to showcase cruise interior products

Michel Verdure

The Innovation Lounge under construction in Miami

Interior designer and furniture supplier Shores Global is collaborating on a new project to open an Innovation Lounge to enable vendors across the marine interiors industry to showcase their products to cruise executives.

Hosted in Miami, Florida, the new Innovation Lounge has been curated by marine interior design firm Tillberg Design of Sweden and includes a range of rooms replicating those typically found onboard a cruise ship. They include a suite, stateroom, bathroom, balcony, spa, bar and restaurant, reception area, pool and open deck, retail area and more.

Select vendors have been invited to showcase a range of sustainable, marine-grade products in each of these areas, including everything from high-end textiles and floor coverings, to artwork, accessories, lighting, deck equipment, anti-virus technology and much more.

“The Innovation Lounge will support breakthrough technologies, sustainability and creativity through several environments that can be seen on both land and sea,” said Susan Sadolin, CEO of Shores Global. “Essentially, we’re creating a long-term convention where leading vendors can showcase their products and cruise and hotel decision makers have a single access point to all necessary interior solutions.”

Cruise executives and other interested parties can book appointments to visit the Innovation Lounge between late October 2020 and June 2021.

In addition, Shores Global will host digital tours, live streaming, webinars and other virtual events for those who are unable to attend in person. The first webinar, which will take place on 29 October, will be moderated by Per Lindqvist, business director at Tillberg Design of Sweden, and focus on health and care in the cruise industry. Click here to register.


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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
26 October 2020

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