Napa to deliver eLearning to Royal Caribbean Group crews

The partnership will provide training in Napa Stability and ship stability principles

Napa to deliver eLearning to Royal Caribbean Group crews


The Napa eLearning course will provide training in Napa Stability and ship stability principles

By Alex Smith |

Digital technology provider Napa is to deliver eLearning to Royal Caribbean Group’s onboard and onshore crews after the companies signed a long-term partnership agreement.

The Napa Stability eLearning course will be provided to all Royal Caribbean Group crew who use Napa Stability, a safety management software. This represents around 500 people per year across the company’s fleet. The course will deliver training in the use of the software, along with knowledge of ship stability principles such as intact stability, damage stability and strength.

Napa eLearning will be constantly available in any location, as the course will be implemented directly onto Royal Caribbean Group’s training platform via a cloud-based system. Crew members will be able to take part in classroom-like interactive experiences with others taking the same costs, with no hardware installation, upgrades or maintenance costs required.

“As the industry develops and deploys a range of alternative fuels, clean technologies, and digital solutions, it must also ensure that crews have the proper training to handle these new systems and processes,” says Annettys Acosta, director of customer relations at Napa Safety Solutions. “Considering there are approximately 250,000 seafarers on cruise ships alone, the cost implications of training could be massive. Recognising the scale of the challenge, Napa is dedicated to delivering comprehensive training that will make switching to new advanced software smoother and cost-efficient.”

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