Majestic Ferries debuts new passenger ferry

Majestic Ferries debuts new passenger ferry
A picture of the Brilliance of Majestic (Incat Crowther)

Majestic Fast Ferry has launched Brilliance of Majestic, the first in a new class of vessels designed by Australian architect Incat Crowther and delivered by Indonesia’s PT Cahaya Samudra shipyard.

To meet the need for greater passenger capacity and service speed, while also offering an exclusive experience to business-class passengers, the Brilliance-class ferries feature an upper deck cabin, accessed by a central staircase.

Unlike on Majestic Ferries’ older vessels, passengers are no longer accommodated on a single deck. Instead, the new business class cabin includes 43 seats on the upper deck, with a large business class bathroom located aft. The main deck cabin seats 261 economy passengers, with three bathrooms located aft and luggage racks throughout. Passengers can board via either the aft or midships gates.

To account for the extra weight of an increased capacity, several measures have been taken to reduce excess across the vessel. The upper deck cabin is relatively short and set in from the sides, and unnecessary structures have been removed fore and aft. The half-height wheelhouse has been raised to maintain visibility, and features seats and a workbench for the crew. There are eight crew berths, located in the hull.

The new vessel can reach speeds of 38 knots when fully laden, powered by quad MTU 12v2000 M72 main engines and propelled by quad Rolls Royce 56A3 jets. More vessels in the Brilliance class are currently under construction.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
01 October 2019

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