Long Haul Spa launches ‘Saving Face’ personal protective equipment

Long Haul Spa launches ‘Saving Face’ personal protective equipment
Long Haul Spa
The Saving Face kit has been designed for international travel

Australian travel retail beauty company Long Haul Spa has launched a ‘Saving Face’ range of personal protective equipment, which can be stocked in onboard shops and customised with cruise line branding.

The kit is presented in a black vegan leather case from Australian fashion accessories designer Louenhide.  It contains a mask made of a washable unisex face mask, which has been designed with one layer of silk and two layers of cotton voile. The mask covers the mouth and nose in compliance with World Health Organization recommendations.

“An unfortunate side effect of mask wearing is acne breakout from the skin over-heating with pores getting congested and also at key friction points such as on the bridge of the nose and cheeks,” said Christine Keeling, founder of Long Haul Spa. “Silk has electro-static properties – binding aerosols to the threads rather than allowing them to pass through the mask, while the cotton voile glides smoothly across the skin, it’s naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin types and it’s so light and easy to wear, giving the wearer confidence at all levels.”

The Saving Face kit also comes with an anti-bacterial hand gel and a Moisturising Crème Balm, which is intended to soothe the effects of frequent handwashing.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
11 September 2020

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