Interior View: Seabourn’s newest ship, Seabourn Pursuit

Tihany Design’s Alessia Genova discuss the luxury expedition experience the new ship will offer  

Interior View: Seabourn’s newest ship, Seabourn Pursuit

Tihany Design

The Expedition Lounge onboard Seabourn Pursuit provides a comforting ambience for guests

By Amber Hickman |

Built to operate in diverse environments and deliver luxury expedition cruise experiences, Seabourn’s newest ship Seabourn Pursuit is due to begin sailing in August 2023.  

The interior design of Seabourn Pursuit was created by Tihany Design in a project led by the firm’s managing partner, Alessia Genova and founder, Adam D. Tihany. This is the fourth vessel the firm has worked on for Seabourn; it also designed interiors for Seabourn Pursuit’s sister Seabourn Venture, which debuted in 2022. 

Tihany Design had two key considerations when designing the spaces onboard Seabourn Pursuit, both relating back to the theme of expedition and nature. 

“First, we considered how we want guests to feel, as they are the primary fuel for our inspiration,” says Genova. “Secondly, we focused on the expedition to Antarctica and the contrast it offers with journeys to other parts of the world. We were drawn to create spaces that would evoke the feeling of a warm and cosy mountain resort that fosters relaxation and accommodates the downtime guests need after daily adventures. We used a warm colour palette and natural fibres to create a comfortable space.” 

According to Genova, Seabourn Pursuit was “designed as a bridge from centuries of exploration past to the 21st century” and features bespoke interiors that include contemporary oceanfront suites, custom-made furniture produced by Italian manufacturer Roda in all stateroom suites and public areas, and an attention to detail in everything from light switches to upholstery stitching. Hence, it is hard for Genova to choose just one single impressive design feature onboard the ship. 

For instance, the Discovery Centre, the hub for day-to-day learning, features a large screen for videos and a textured liquid metal wall covering inspired by landscapes in Antarctica. Meanwhile, the Expedition Lounge offers a cosy ambience with two fireplaces that produce lifelike water vapour ‘flames’ and a vintage map on an etched glass partition which Genova says, “buzzes with the memories of past adventures”. 

Finally, there is Seabourn Square. “It is the true living room of the ship,” says Genova. “A variety of outdoor seating allows guests to relax and take in the view, with fixed Swarovski telescopes that encourage discovery from the comfort of the ship. There are thoughtfully curated bookshelves, art and accessories that paint the picture of an explorer’s private home, outfitted with mementos and discoveries from past voyages.” 

The space also features wood-backed scalloped banquettes and lounge chairs from the Tihany Product Design Venture collection, live edge wood coffee and side tables and riveted leather wall panels that enwrap the room and echo the handcrafted design details of the furniture. The overlapping circular patterned ceiling adds dimension to the space and is based on the symmetrical composition of a compass. 

Despite Seabourn Pursuit and Seabourn Venture being sisters, there are differences between the two ships. The biggest being in the onboard art collections. “Art plays an important role in defining Seabourn Pursuit’s character,” says Genova. “Hundreds of pieces throughout the vessel weave a remarkable and seamless storyline supporting the design philosophy.” 

French-based art consultancy firm, Atelier 27 curated the artwork onboard Seabourn Venture whilst London-based art firm, Double Decker curated the artwork onboard Seabourn Pursuit. “The outcome of Pursuit is quite different to Venture; it is much more colourful and has a modern attitude,” says Genova. 

Like the artwork, Tihany Design placed careful thought into how the different spaces of the ship would tie together. “The integration of light and space is evident in venues intended to encourage respite,” says Genova. “We also considered how different areas work together to optimise passenger flow, another way to ensure a sense of ease in every corner of the vessel. Guests are incredibly familiar with the ship, enjoying the different areas as they relish knowledge, enrichment, privacy and social moments.” 

The suites will further encourage relaxation. They range from the approximately 33-square-metre Veranda suite to the 97-square-metre Wintergarden suite. According to Tihany’s design brief: “The suite collection is defined by comfortable, thoughtfully crafted furniture, enticing, tactile materials and bespoke details that capture timeless luxury travel in a contemporary and engaging environment designed to elevate every aspect of the experience.” 

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