i4 Insight integrates Greensteam performance optimisation solution

i4 Insight integrates Greensteam performance optimisation solution

i4 Insights

GreenSteam’s solution will deliver recommendations on how to improve fleet performance

i4 Insight is partnering with marine data intelligence company GreenSteam to integrate its performance optimisation solution with the i4 Insight Platform for ship and fleet operations.

Speaking to CFR,  Jeremy Langdon, i4 Insight's global vice president of business development, said: “Ferries and cruise vessels by their nature spend most of their time in coastal waters, so they’re under even more pressure to achieve decarbonization than the rest of the shipping industry. Using the maxim ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’, we are helping charterers, shipowners, operators and managers to access high frequency data and developing standard metrics to report on the results of decarbonisation efforts.”

The i4 Insight Platform is designed to provide shipowners and operators with insights into performance and fuel consumption across their fleet. Using both historical and new data, GreenSteam’s machine learning technology, incorporated into the i4 platform, will create a performance model of each vessel. This will help to identify hull fouling issues across the cruise or ferry operator’s fleet and allow them to better understand the optimal time to perform hull cleaning and the expected benefits of doing so. The model can also be used to identify optimal trim settings for every voyage.

“An in-depth, data-driven approach to understanding and acting on fuel consumption has never been more necessary for the industry,” said Shaun Gray, GreenSteam’s executive chairman. “GreenSteam’s machine learning technology uses real ship performance data to provide owners and operators with actionable advice. Unlike traditional analytic approaches that fail to use and model 90 per cent of performance data, by using machine learning, GreenSteam includes all ship performance data in its models to deliver insights other standard methodologies just cannot see.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
18 November 2020

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