Humphree installs steering interceptors on Molslinjen ferries

Humphree installs steering interceptors on Molslinjen ferries


Humphree’s steering interceptor system has helped improve the ferries’ steering performance

Swedish trim and stabilisation system provider Humphree has installed new steering interceptors onboard Molslinjen’s Express 1 and Express 2 ferries.  

Built by Incat Tasmania in Australia, the two fast ferries are powered by water jets, which lose a part of their thrust force when redirecting the flow to steer the vessel. Furthermore, in the harbour of Rønne, the largest town on the Danish Island of Bornholm, there is limited space for the ferries for entering between the two breakwater structures.

Humphree therefore provided its steering interceptor system to help improve the ships’ steering performance. The system deploys adjustable blades side-ways into the water, allowing it to adjust course more quickly and precisely, while the waterjets can more often remain in a straight position for creating thrust force with highest efficiency, delivering carbon dioxide savings of over 400 tonnes per year. 

The system was first installed on Express 1, with subsequent sea trials onboard Express 2 confirming that the same benefits would be seen on the second vessel. 

“Steering interceptors help keep a fast ferry on a straighter course - and the technology saves fuel for the benefit of both the climate and the wallet,” said Jesper Maack, head of corporate communications for Molslinjen.

Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
24 November 2021

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