How Forbo Flooring Systems creates a custom masterpiece

The Flotex FR textile flocked floor covering is washable, durable and designed to order

How Forbo Flooring Systems creates a custom masterpiece
Forbo Flooring Systems provides over 500 design options for Flotex FR with digital printing

By Jemma Masters |

Developed by Forbo Flooring Systems, Flotex FR is a unique, textile, flocked floor covering combining the cleaning properties and durability of resilient flooring with the comfort, slip resistance and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles.  

The floor covering can be printed using two different methods: rotary and digital. Rotary printing allows clients to recolour existing designs to suit their project requirements, but true flexibility lies within digital printing. The company has a digital library of over 500 Flotex design options, with its specialist high-definition print technology allowing for large pattern repeats and vivid colours. Alternatively, clients can create custom designs with the assistance of Forbo Flooring Systems’ experienced designers.  

Flotex FR offers several benefits for passenger ship operators. Unlike the looped and twisted fibres of a conventional carpet tile, the smooth straight fibres of Flotex FR do not trap particles of soil, which means they can be removed easily during cleaning. Meanwhile, the impervious backing makes it suitable for thorough wet cleaning, so most spills can be cleaned with plain water. It also has a highly dense pile, so it traps twice as many allergens in its nylon fibres than a conventional carpet and releases them when vacuumed. These properties make Flotex FR the only truly washable textile floor covering and the only textile floor covering to be awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. 

In addition, Flotex FR is a lightweight floor covering and has a smooth, velour-like surface, is comfortable and warm underfoot and absorbs sounds of up to 22 decibels. It also meets the wet and dry slip resistance classifications for use on flat surfaces and ramps. 

Crucially, Flotex FR has been tested, approved and wheel marked in accordance with the International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Equipment Directive, and has also gained Lloyd’s Register approval. This, combined with its design flexibility and high-performance functionality, means Flotex FR can be confidently used onboard any passenger ships and seagoing vessels in multifunctional areas, restaurants, bars, corridors, children’s play areas, theatres, cinemas, crew and guest cabins, offices, shops and other areas.  

Jemma Masters is marketing manager for transport at Forbo Flooring Systems

This article was first published in the Spring/Summer issue of Cruise & Ferry Review. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed. 

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