How Denmark is becoming the Baltic Sea’s newest jewel

Klaus Bondam of CruiseCopenhagen and Cruise Baltic discusses the ‘quietly wonderful’ country

How Denmark is becoming the Baltic Sea’s newest jewel

Thomas Høyrup Christensen/VisitCopenhagen

Cruise guests can cycle through Copenhagen’s picturesque streets

By Klaus Bondam Bondam |

Like several other major ports and destinations in the Baltic Sea, some of the 12 ports in CruiseCopenhagen’s network have experienced a significant drop in calls in the past 12 months, despite the rapid rise of cruise tourism globally. There is a very clear reason for this: the war in Ukraine has forced cruise lines to remove Russia’s capital Saint Peterburg from their Baltic Sea itineraries.  

The opportunity to visit Saint Petersburg was the reason that many international guests – especially Americans – chose to go on a Baltic Sea cruise and unfortunately, they are unaware of all the other great attractions and destinations in the region. However, CruiseCopenhagen and other stakeholders in the region are working hard to improve how we communicate these offerings to cruise lines and their guests.  

One of the region’s highlights is Denmark, which has 12 cruise ports and destinations of different sizes, including capital city Copenhagen. It is a small, very accessible country that offers high-level, efficient services and has a strong focus on sustainability and quality.  

We have created something ‘quietly wonderful’ for cruise guests in Denmark. While visiting our ports and destinations, cruise guests can immerse themselves in our Viking heritage, delight in the sights and sounds of ancient cities, and explore the humble roots of a culinary scene that has become a global phenomenon. They can also be inspired by futuristic architecture, stroll through towns with strange names and friendly people, and discover why each of our destinations offers a glimpse into the bigger secret that makes us who we are.  

When visitors cruise the quietly wonderful city of Copenhagen, Denmark and the rest of the Baltic Sea, they will gain an appreciation for design and architecture, a newfound love for simple things, an unmistakable feeling of happiness, and a strong craving for odd local ingredients! 

Cruise guests will bring home memories of uncovering the secrets of Northern Europe and understand why there is so much more to the Baltic Sea region than just Saint Petersburg.   

Klaus Bondam is director of CruiseCopenhagen and Cruise Baltic 

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