Hoppe Marine offers new ship-to-shore data services

Hoppe Marine offers new ship-to-shore data services

Hoppe Marine

Data Butler and Data Inspector are designed to provide access and analysis for shipowners’ data

Hoppe Marine has developed two new ship-to-shore data services for the maritime industry, Data Butler and Data Inspector. The two solutions are intended to provide shipowners with access to accurate ship data and reduce operational costs.

“Using poor quality data as a basis for decision-making can mean additional annual costs for ship operation of $300,000 and more per year,” said Lothar Beinke, general manager of Hoppe Marine.

Data Butler provides shipowners with access to their data via an encrypted data transfer to the cloud, with unlimited data storage, remote service and customer-specific configurations available. Hoope Data Inspector then analyses the collected data and verifies that the connected systems are operating properly to ensure that the data is of sufficient quality. The solution automatically generates reports detailing the health and performance of fleet systems, and evaluates primary signals to detect drifts and offsets.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
29 October 2020

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