GTMaritime develops new cybersecurity solution

GTMaritime develops new cybersecurity solution
GTDeploy removes the pressure that maintaining cybersecurity places on budgets, says Jamie Jones (Image: GTMaritime)

Marine communications company GTMaritime has developed a new solution to protect shipboard systems against cyberattacks before threats emerge.

GTDeploy provides a software deployment platform to automatically deliver security updates to ships without the intervention of IT staff or crew. By automatically updating software as soon as a newer version becomes available, the solution prevents hackers from taking advantage of an organisation’s lack of urgency when it comes to maintaining cybersecurity.

“Software updates get pushed down the list of priorities for a variety of reasons,” said Jamie Jones, GTMaritime’s head of operations. “Sometimes there are simply more immediate problems that need dealing with, but often this is to do with pressure on budgets; the cost of sending someone out to a vessel may be hard to justify. GTDeploy removes that pressure.”

GTDeploy can add, refresh or uninstall security updates, patches or applications and gives fleet IT managers the ability to prioritise updates based on urgency and choose when and where they take place. The solution will function regardless of the type and capability of satellite communications, allowing it to be used onboard vessels with different hardware and varying configurations, including passenger ships.

The solution will enable vessels operators to demonstrate that they have robust and systematic processes in place to address vulnerabilities when cybersecurity is included under the scope of Safety Management Systems in the International Safety Management Code from January 2021.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
08 April 2020

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