Goddard Gallery opens up art collection for use on cruise ships

Interior designers can decorate guest cabins and public areas with real-life photographs 

Goddard Gallery opens up art collection for use on cruise ships
Steve Goddard takes photographs of people all over the world (Image: Goddard Gallery)

By Rebecca Gibson |

Interior designers, art curators and private buyers can now purchase photographic prints from the Goddard Gallery for decorating guest areas on cruise ships, passenger ferries and land-based corporate and hospitality venues.

Taken by British photographer Steve Goddard, the images are part of a previously private collection entitled ‘Moments in time from around the world’. The portfolio includes candid photographs of people, landscapes and cityscapes from a wide range of countries. The gallery photographs are available as paper prints and as wall art finishes, as well as float mounted metal prints and acrylic metals finishes.

Goddard Gallery will also offer a selection of coffee table photo art magazines and books featuring Goddard’s work.

“The Goddard brand is aimed at both private buyers and interior designers who wish to purchase high quality photographs of people uniquely captured in moments in time for wall art displays,” said Goddard. “The images in the portfolio are candid moments of real life captured in real places with real smiles and moods from around the world.”

Goddard Gallery is also designed to serve as an agency for art buyers who are looking for new and unique images of people captured in everyday life moments for their advertising campaigns.

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