Forbo Flooring: Resilience meets style

The flooring provider has unveiled a number of new products that prove that functional solutions don’t have to compromise on style

Forbo Flooring: Resilience meets style
Westbond FR is synonymous with quality and offers warmth, comfort and acoustic

This article was first published in the 2018 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

Safety and cleanliness aboard any marine vessel or offshore environment is extremely important. With high volumes of foot traffic, comes dirt and moisture at entry points, creating slip hazards and which can cause damage to interior floor finishes as well as increasing cleaning costs for other interior floorcoverings when the dirt and moisture is carried inside. Entry points are most often also exit points, and in times of emergency, keeping these areas slip-free is a must.

At Forbo we have developed a new IMO tested and wheelmark certified entrance solution. Coral Marine FR is a new product in the marketplace, replacing the previous Coral T32 FR product. It has been developed for use in entrances, as well as transitional areas such as corridors, lift lobbies etc. It is an excellent barrier system that stops up to 95% of dirt and moisture at point of entry. 

Coming in a range of contemporary colours to suit all onboard interior designs, Coral Marine FR has a purpose onboard any marine vessel, big or small. It’s suitable for use on passenger ferries, cruise liners, yachts, charter boats, work boats or any other seagoing vessels and offshore applications.

In addition to this, we’ve just expanded our Westbond FR product range. This unique collection of luxury carpet tiles is IMO tested, approved and wheelmarked to Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and has the Lloyds Register-maritime classification.

It’s made using the fusion bonding method, where individual pile yarn is bonded into the backing material to make an extremely dense and luxurious carpet tile. Each tuft is individual and a high proportion of the yarn is in the wear surface, providing a beautiful, rich, velour carpet tile which gives excellent broadloom appearance. The 50x50cm carpet tiles allow for spot replacements of tiles if a small area is damaged and makes it much easier to carry spares for quick changes.

Westbond FR tiles add a real comfort underfoot with insulation properties which reduce noise, heat loss and condensation, thus making it an ideal floor covering for cabins, restaurants, lounge areas, offices, theatres, cinemas and communal areas.

The tiles are now available in a total of 157 colourways, thanks to the addition of 13 new natural references. But that’s not all; if you prefer you can create your own bespoke colourway, as we can match yarns to Pantone references to complement your interior design scheme. 

Design flexibility doesn’t end there: Westbond FR is also available as a `flex` design –  by mixing two, three or four different shades from the collection, or from a custom palette of your choice, you can create your own custom designed Westbond Flex carpet tile to match your interiors perfectly. 

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Lindsay James
By Lindsay James
02 January 2019

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