Facing the challenges of maritime management

InterManager is helping members overcome the challenges of the pandemic and an evolving industry

Facing the challenges of maritime management
Kuba Szymanski with British-Manx cadets onboard HMS Belfast during Isle of Man Maritime Day

By Kuba Szymanski |

InterManager has revolutionised ship and crew management, with members managing more than 10,000 ships and over 300,000 seafarers. As the only organisation dedicated to representing the ship management industry, we are internationally recognised for working on behalf of our members to ensure their views and needs are considered within the worldwide maritime industry.  

We are currently pursuing several initiatives to improve standards, safety and security within the industry. For example, InterManager chairs the Enclosed Space Deaths Committee in the International Maritime Organization’s Human Element Industry Group. Deaths in enclosed spaces are one of the biggest occupational hazards in shipping. There are procedures in place to manage this risk, but failure to follow them is often the cause of incidents. We are leading this committee to address this issue and ensure the safety of crew worldwide.  

InterManager has also pioneered a new unified, international database for lifeboat accidents. These accidents were previously undocumented so the database will be used to collect information to advise other industry stakeholders and provide informed solutions to prevent incidents.   

Navigations and communications technology is undoubtedly an important area of innovation. We have been working in this area to address the problem of stolen identities of ships, which is often carried out by cloning ship names, call signs and Maritime Mobile Service Identity numbers in automatic identification systems.  

These issues, while extremely important, are things we face all the time. Additional to these everyday challenges, Covid-19 has created a whole new spectrum of issues. In an effort to address some of these, we recently created the Maritime Champions Club. Through it, we are providing an environment of mutual support for ship and crew managers dealing with crew changes in a Covid-19 world.  

During this difficult time, InterManager has been collaborating with industry bodies such as Cruise Lines International Association and ferry operators through the Covid Industry Strategy Group and Industry Vaccination Task Force. While the pandemic may have a lasting effect on the industry, collaboration and cooperation are enabling us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Captain Kuba Szymanski is secretary general of InterManager 

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