European Cruise Service debuts electric tour bus in Norway

The bus has a range of 350 kilometres and capacity for 51 passengers

European Cruise Service debuts electric tour bus in Norway

European Cruise Service

The new vehicle is the first electric bus to be registered in Norway

By Alex Smith |

European Cruise Service has introduced Norway’s first electric tour bus as part of its zero-emission programme.

The bus was specifically designed for the cruise industry and Norwegian conditions in collaboration with distributer SeaWalk-Mobility and bus provider Boreal. It has a range of around 350 kilometres and is equipped with a guide chair and USB charging point for each of the 51 passengers.

The bus is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery and has a charging plug both in the front and at the back, allowing it to charge at most public charging stations.

“European Cruise Service will be a driving force for future sustainable solutions,” said Andreas Storl, CEO of European Cruise Service. “We work long-term regardless of the Covid-19 situation, and for us it is important to use new technology to maintain the momentum in the transition to a low-emission society. In the long term, the goal is for all our tour buses used to be electric.”

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